Beating the LSAT 2009 Edition: An Audio Guide to Getting the Score You Need (Unabridged)

Law School. Those two little words are probably all you’ve been thinking about since you made the decision to become a lawyer. Good for you! If you’re seriously considering law school, you know that there’s one big hurdle you still have to leap – in addition to graduating – the Law School Admissions Test. One of the more troubling questions you probably have on your mind is when – and how – to study for this oh-so-important test. Well, we have the answer.
Whether you’re in the gym conditioning your body, between classes conditioning your mind, or on the way to work conditioning your resume, this audiobook is the ticket to a higher score. We’ll show you how to diagram analytical reasoning “games”, manage your speed and accuracy on the multiple choice section, and write the best essays. We’ll even show you how to put logical reasoning to bed with an in-depth analysis of formal logic and logical fallacies.

So, take us with you wherever you go, and we promise to get you pumped up and ready for anything the LSAT throws your way!

By PrepLogic, Inc.

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